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undaunted…more tales of a tilemaker

So today we not only battled with the demon virus that has tormented everyone on my (now defunct) contact list, but also fell foul to an unexpected power cut mid-firing. joy of joys! Still….you never know, the new kiln (with wonderful digital programmer so I can actually sleep through the night) might reduce the horrendous casualty rate I’ve been experiencing with these tiles and get me back on track.
Repeat after me…….it will be alright…it will be alright….
sweet dreams, lovers of ceramics and handmade beautiful things. May your days be free of imps and skittish spirits.

progress and tile making

another milestone – mud hut company are now a 2 kiln operation! Twice the productivity. My how proper and professional we are!
And if you’re new to our beautiful tiles, take a look at the website and follow the link to Capricorn Cheese for a chance to win one of our gorgeous Mojo hearts – just a couple of days left!! Good luck.

lessons in life. the trials of specialist ceramic tilemaking.

so, today one of the elements went on the kiln (I hope that’s all it is), resulting in a ten hour firing taking about 15 hours and now the whole programme’s adrift. But hey, at least the electrician’s already booked for Tuesday and bringing a new kiln. Always have a backup plan. And don’t worry. It’ll come together. Adapt :)

win a beautiful mud hut company ceramic heart

whilst you’re here, follow the link to Capricorn Cheese on the home page and you might just win one of four large hanging hearts which are really quite special. You know you want one!

tiles everywhere

really. everywhere. stacked high on tables, shelves and floor. kiln stuffed to the gunnels. just a pathway leading to the door….. a day in the life of a ceramicist

running your own ceramics tile business

there’s an interesting shift when the demand for production steps up a gear (or three!). Whereas normally the mechanics run smoothly, suddenly and unexpectedly you hit a point where a) there’s not enough physical space for the fruit of all your labour b) the kiln is on constantly but the backlog of firing is humungous c) your large kiln is suddenly nowhere near large enough but d) you don’t have the electricity supply to go any larger.
The upshot? you have to spend money, lots of it, on new equipment. So not only is there a new slab roller and new website, but now we are waiting the delivery of a new kiln for mud hut company. Still low tech, but not quite so lowly. We seem to be a proper business enterprise. So let the large orders roll in….we’ll be ready for you!!

the art of relaxed tile making

some days you work hard and get a lot done.  some days you work hard and somehow take a step backward.  Some days you stand in the midst of your productivity and recognise that right now, the best thing you can do is tidy up, hoover, and take stock of where you are.  So today I took a gentle step – unloaded the kiln, counted the casualties, tidied up, replenished some of the casualty stock…and somehow, it all feels OK and will come together.

I’m at the same place I was yesterday, but in a more relaxed frame of mind.  You might be too, and if so maybe you’ll feel inclined to  follow our link on the home page of our website to Capricorn Cheese, and you never know – that relaxed mindset might just win you a covetable handmade ceramic Mojo heart.  Wouldn’t that be nice? :)

new mud hut company website!!

Good to see you!

Welcome to the new website, where you can see our handmade tiles and homeware products and find out more information about mud hut company.  Click on our link to Capricorn Cheese on the homepage and you could win one of four Mojo ceramic hearts (featured on the homeware page).  Wouldn’t that be nice?