Monthly Archives: September 2012

Lovely comment yesterday….thank you Stephanie!

“I am planning on renovating my bathroom and came across your websitewhen doing research online.  I LOVE  your work!  Your tiles are unusual, natural, and the colours I am hoping to use in my bathroom. … I especially like the India tile.

Stephanie (Canada)




and while we’re at it, here’s our ‘Maharajah’ design also in turquoise, with ‘Daisy May’ border in antique denim glaze. You don’t see tiles like these every day! :)

another original handmade splashback idea – this one features our gorgeous ‘Pisces’ fish tile in turquoise glaze. If you’d like to try a few ideas yourself at our ceramics workshop just outside Bath, please email or phone for an appointment.

if you saw mud hut company tiles at Frome market yesterday….

Frome market really is the best. A big thank you to all those people who stopped and were so enthusiastic about our handmade tiles. If it’s you and you’re thinking of coming to the workshop, please call and don’t forget to mention you saw us there!