Monthly Archives: March 2013

hot out of the kiln. New tile design!

Gorgeous new tiles out today!  Dark Meadow and plain chocolate.  Like them?

every coffee break should be like this

Make every break a celebration

Time for beautiful bathroom tiles

Inspired by Elle Decoration? You’ll love mud hut company tiles.   Welcome to our world.

it’s the small things that make a good day

Sometimes you need a bit of a boost.  And it doesn’t have to be big stuff.  Today 100 little alphabet tiles for Grasse in Bath came to fruition in our workshop, and 30 positive emails notified me of 30 new ‘likes’ and posts on mud hut company’s facebook page.

Small steps, but all 130 of them were positive ones.  How far does that stretch?

new photos of mud hut company tiles

Many thanks to Stephanie for sending me this image of her ‘India’ tiles in situ on the floor of her new bathroom in Canada, sent through today.   They look gorgeous and are now proudly on our ‘Gallery‘ page.

from the archives..

We only have one of our mud hut company handbuilt ceramic stoves left in stock now, but here was one in the living room last year.  It looked good with the Tree of Life tiles sat on the mantlepiece.

authentic places to quietly muse

patterns that spoke today

Every day I pass small pieces of inspiration that people have taken time over.  To some they give joy each time they pass.  Others don’t even notice.

A fabulous business needs a fabulous base

Today was a fun day – we’ve given our showroom a spring makeover!
You’re welcome to make an appointment to visit the workshop, see our range of beautiful tiles and have a chat and a coffee.

It’s a beautiful world.  Come and share our little corner of it.