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new design service

As it’s what we’re good at, mud hut company are now offering not just gorgeous tiles, but a full design service for your mediterranean/ Moroccan style shower room, bathroom or kitchen.

We can design a splashback, panel or complete styling to optimise your space and give  you a spacious, contemporary new look following a consultation to establish your needs.  Drawings supplied.

Please email for more information

the start of the invigored philosophy

This year has been largely about de-cluttering.  Possessions, things-that-could-be-useful-one-day (but will that day ever come?), other people’s possessions, other people’s possessions that they thought I would like (ie they didn’t want any more), dead people’s possessions, family storage (they don’t know yet but the day’s fast approaching).  I’ve spent a lot of time talking to people who are MASSIVE hoarders and accumulated some great stories (like the man with a mansion and 9 cats who now lives in one room that he had to have a fire escape built onto to access – I kid  you not, it happens.  And not just in urban mythology, but in real life.  Oh yes, and people too.

It’s a layer-by-layer thing.  You jettison first what is downright rubbish or ugly.  Then what you know is not really so useful after all.  and if you’re vigorous you’re left with a much more  vibrant environment.  So, pleased with the newness, you sit with it and your smugness for 6 months.

Then the new wave comes.  The ‘hang on it’s not as de-cluttered-as-I-thought’ stage.  Although your new regime of staying out of cheap shops (what a relief.  And what a massive amount of time you now have) is staving off the replenishment potential, you notice that actually things could go a lot further.

There’s a point to which, of course, you could throw the baby out with the bathwater.  And there will be mistakes made.  But oh, the joy of the bonuses!  So what I now find is that despite having discarded some very lovely things, the lovely things that I’ve chosen to keep seem so much more visible and so much lovelier.

So bring on the next round.  I’m very, very ready.

mediterranean shower room with handmade tiles from mud hut company