Monthly Archives: September 2013

De-cluttering round 4

There’s de-cluttering and de-cluttering, and then some…

I’m in the process of moving home and studio, which necessitates downsizing To less than half the space my possessions currently occupy. That meansrelinquishing books, equipment, ornaments, clothes, furniture, plants, stock…. In short, a fair proportion of 10 years. Not just my years, but my family’s too. Bit by bit, car load by carload, I’m making pilgrimages to thecharity shops, to the tip, to friends (could you take care of this grapevine/the family aspidistra/ myfunky garden chairs) it’s a cleansing of space, mind, emotions. A passing over of unnecessary andI unwanted commitments. Shedding the past to give the future a clear and joyous path.

A task, but a good one…..