Monthly Archives: October 2013

Introducing our exquisite Lotus border tiles. Happy tiles with a soft edge!

The latest addition to our India collection of individually handmade ceramic tiles – Lotus.  Just 2cm square, the Lotus flower design is enveloped with a soft edge to give a loose and personal quality.  Gentle and pure.  We really like them.

kiln on the move…

Special thanks to Simon and Paul today for moving one of the kilns to a new site.  Changing times…happy days!

Busy days

Sometimes if you shift your outlook things happen.  In a very soft way you open a space for new things to come in.  Here in mud hut land we’re moving home and  studio. And even though nothing is concrete there’s a sense that everything isfalling into place, and that we’re moving into a new phase. We’ve laid the foundations and what’s about to happen is going to be fun. We will meet and work with great people and stretch ourselves in the most lovely way. That’s a good feeling.  If you’re reading this you could be one of those nice people.  If so we look forward to meeting you ….

Back to basics

Today feels good.  Have a good day, everyone. Enjoy the changing weather. Enjoy your creativity, in whatever form it takes you today.  Enjoy your friends and family.  It’s a good life, and we’re in it together.

a lovely day…

We’re moving studios soon so it was great to say goodbye to the current workshop in a positive fashion.  Spent a lovely day yesterday with photographer Alun Callender , taking studio shots for a feature article on mud hut company that will be in the January edition of Homes and Gardens.  Alun has a great website featuring excellent portraiture of creative people, so I’m looking forward to seeing the results of our day – I’d really recommend him as he has a good working approach and really got the work.

keep focussed on your vision

It’s been a year of focussing for me, and I’ve learnt that there are front line and back burner positions of focus but that the important thing is they remain constant.  The visions remain the same, but gain clarity.  The pictures I hold, gathered from different sources, now are homogenous and belong in the same camp.  And that camp is becoming a reality, just by holding the pictures at the fore and recognising them when I see them in real life.  Like pointers.  A dot-to-dot puzzle.  It’s a good game, a solid one, and it gets easier to play.  Enjoy.