mud hut company : about us

Mud Hut Company was born from my passion for authentic, simple living.  I’ve always been drawn to elemental living and finishes and an eye for organic forms and universal patterns that resonate with all of us. I have worked with clay for over 20 years and exhibited my coiled, smoke fired forms nationally including Cork Street, London.  I have also run workshops in the Kalahari desert by invitation of the British Council. After a long career lecturing in art and design I am focussing on my primary passions.  Mud Hut Company was formed in 2010 with an aim to bring celebration into domestic interiors. Inspiration comes from kasbahs, palaces, cathedrals and huts across the globe. Interiors that celebrate life and demonstrate a thing or two about timeless, unreserved beauty. To us, clay is the essence of life and we bring the beauty of it into homes. We don’t manufacture. We create Email :