It’s not all just about beautiful tiles..

Starting mud hut company was the beginning of a journey.  Making tiles individually that were hand cut, each presenting their own flaws, joys and attributes boldly and unashamedly was a very new thing.  Three years ago it was going against the tide.  Guiding me was the Islamic principle that only God is perfect (causing carpet weavers traditionally to embed deliberate flaws into their designs) , and that it should subsequently be natural to celebrate naked individuality.

If you are looking for your home to be beautiful, it has to be honestly so.  If you strive too hard chances are you are striving for somebody else’s vision.  A borrowed or learnt perception of what beauty is.  Really understanding, and accepting, your own honest view of beauty takes a whole lot more understanding of yourself.

My passion is integration; Truth, beauty, homes and creativity.  As well as making tiles I teach, and style homes.  So this blog will feature all these aspects (and other gems of inspiration I come across) because at the end of the day what we are is what we have, and it’s there to be shared.

If you like it please make yourself known.  It’s good to have friends and followers.


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